(Standard DVD x2 Disc) European Railway: Issue 54 (March-April 2014)

(Standard DVD x2 Disc) European Railway: Issue 54 (March-April 2014)

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Run-time 3 hours and 4 mins approx.

FRANCE - we call in to the TGV line to the north-west of Dijon for some high-speed action.

GERMANY - diesel action on the lines radiating out of Mühldorf with class 77 (Euro class 66), class 218 locomotives and Class 628 diesel units amidst splendid manual semaphore signalling. We call in to Tüssling station with DMUs working the branchline services to Burghausen and Class 77 diesels on the considerable amount of freight traffic to be seen. We then travel to the west of Mühldorf for the afternoon and evening rush-hour, where Class 218 diesels work almost all of the services. We call in to the main stations on the route and see, single, double-headed and top-andtail locomotive formations.

SWITZERLAND - narrow gauge action from the Matterhorn- Gotthard Bahn as we sample services on the line east of the Oberalppass towards Disentis. Locomotive-hauled Glacier Express services are seen as well as Motor-luggage cars powering the stopping trains to and from Andermatt.

AUSTRIA - a study of trains on the border-crossing route between Austria and Hungary on the line between Ebenfurth and Sopron. Class 1116 electrics appear on passenger and freight services and class 4124 dual-voltage electric units work the stopping trains.

POLAND - diesel operated trains on the double-track route to the west and east of Nysa in the south-west of the country. SM42, ST43 & ST44 locos appear, plus single and 2-car diesel units.

FRANCE - a brief look at commuter trains south-west of Creil with BB17000 locos, before a trip to the Sens area on the busy main freight and passenger line to Dijon with BB7200, Z5600, BB66200, BB69400, BB75000, BB27000, BB36000, ECR class 66 and Vossloh G2000 all seen.

BELGIUM - we call in to Antwerpen where freight services are seen on the exit line to Noord Yard including Classes 13, 28, 77, BB36000 & a final look at the now withdrawn Class 20 locos.

GERMANY - an extended look at the trains and traction to be found on the mainline between Bebra and Fulda. Classes 101, 114, 120, 146, 151, 152, 155, 182 (1116), 185, 189, 193, BB37000, 203, 364, 401, 411, 415, 427, 428 and even an ex-OBB 1042 are all seen. This is a busy line with constant freight and passenger traffic situated in superb green and gently undulating countryside: ideal for photographers and train-watchers alike. As with all of our sections in this programme, detailed maps are included to show our filming positions.