(HD Blu-Ray) American Railway: Top Shots 2020

(HD Blu-Ray) American Railway: Top Shots 2020

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Run-time: 1 hour and 45mins approx.

The very Top Shots of our American Railway (Vols 1 to 30) series put together in one programme. Sixty scenes chosen by our cameramen that depict American Railroading at its best.

If you've not sampled American Railways before - this is a good introductory DVD giving a wide variety of locomotive types, liveries and trains - all filmed in a wide range of scenic and urban backdrops. Why not give us a try?

The United States has a massive railway network with countless types of locomotives, liveries, wagons and train types to be seen, all set in an ever-changing urban and natural landscape. Our American Railway series has documented Railroad operations in a number of States across the Country in High-Definition Video since 2008. In this programme we have pulled together the best of the best from the now Thirty programmes in our ‘American Railway’ series for your enjoyment, be it filmed in wonderful scenery or built-up town and City backdrops.

Sixty scenes are included featuring all Class 1 Railroad Operators as well as a host of Short-line action. If you haven’t sampled the American Railroad scene then this DVD is a perfect way to dip your toe in the water and indulge in some railway operations on a grand scale, with some very impressive and loud audio performances from the trains featured. If you’ve been with us before, here’s another opportunity to sit back and enjoy some of the biggest and best railway operations to be seen on the planet. Don’t just take our word for it!