(HD Blu-Ray) British Railways Today: Issue 8 - August 2023

(HD Blu-Ray) British Railways Today: Issue 8 - August 2023

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(Run-time: 1 hour and 43mins approx.)

In this programme:

Our major feature: A look at the busy freight and passenger lines around Barnetby on the routes to Immingham, Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes. The section is split into two parts with the first concentrating on lines through Brocklesby, and the second section from around Melton Ross and east of Scunthorpe. The filming was undertaken in 2023 and 2021. Scunthorpe steel works receives it’s raw products from the port of Immingham, in the shape of Iron-Ore and coal trains; we witness a good number of these in our programme hauled by DB Cargo class 66s at various locations along the line - we also have a trainload of export steel filmed at Melton Ross. In addition Lindsey Oil Refinery generates regular flows of petroleum products and these are also seen with class 66s and class 70s as motive power. The final major freight flow is biomass which generates many trainloads between Immingham and Drax power station - again hauled by class 66s. Passenger services are generally operated by diesel multiple units from classes 158, 170 and 185 - we see these and also a class 68 on a driver training run.

A visit is made to the Spa Valley Railway where steam and a class 73 are seen working the normal timetabled trains. We also view the yard at Royal Tunbridge Wells where a class 31 and 33 are seen.

It’s Scotland next where we travel to a number of locations along the Ayrshire coast from north of Ayr, Irvine and the seaside town of Saltcoats. Class 380 electrics units and a class 156 are seen on passenger services.

Passenger and freight action from South Gloucestershire during diversions from the Chepstow line. Class 66s on freight, class 60 on the Westerleigh fuel train, class 166 units, XC voyagers and an HST are also seen with class 40 number 40 013 on a railtour being the highlight.

A trip to the Felixstowe branch where container trains hauled by class 66s dominate on this major freight artery. Trimley junction, Morston and Ipswich Derby Rd are all visited. Train identification is included as well as various shots of the local passenger service operated by dual-mode class 755 Stadler Units.