(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 90 (March - April 2020)

(HD Blu-Ray) European Railway: Issue 90 (March - April 2020)

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AUSTRIA - the Passaubahn is the name given to one of the main routes between Germany and Austria. In Part 1 of a two-part feature, we look at the route between Passau and Wels. Domestic Austrian as well as International traffic is seen on this busy line. We witness classes 1016, 1116, 185, 186, 470, 193, 1144, 1024, 2043, and ICE on a number of freight and passenger workings along a line that regularly sees between 6 and 8 workings per hour: this first part looks at the northern section of the route just south of Passau.

FRANCE - we call in to south-west Paris to look at traction on RER line C commuter lines to Plaisir and Rambouillet. BB27300, BB7200 and BB7600 as well as z5600, 8800, 27600 and 55500 all appear. BB37500 and E4000 classes are seen on freight.

HUNGARY - a look at cross-border activity close to Croatia. A number of diesel and electric classes are seen at work on freight and passenger duties, including type 418 and ex-DB class 232. Classes 480, 193, 433 and HZ1141 are also witnessed on freight and passenger workings.

GERMANY - the first part of a look at the busy passenger and freight line linking Nürnberg with Würzburg. A whole host of ICE trainsets are seen including, 401, 402, 403, 411, and 412. Local trains formed of trainsets from class 440 and 648 are also seen as well as freight with classes 151, 232 and 185.

TAIL-LAMP - two class types at work in Central France.