(HD Blu-Ray) Germany - Country Collection: Vol 12

(HD Blu-Ray) Germany - Country Collection: Vol 12

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Run-time: 1hour and 39mins approx

The video material contained in this programme was first published In the DVD Magazine series: ‘European Railway: Issues 48 to 50 and 53 - filmed between 2012 and 2013.

A study of rail operations on the line between Kassel and Paderborn. Our focus is on the Altenbeken to Warburg section including the 482-metre long viaduct at Altenbeken. Class 425, Talent, FLIRT, & Stadler EMUs all appear, as does classes 101, 152 and RHB 143 electrics on passenger and freight services.

Along the Mosel and Saar river valleys. A mixture of townscapes and superb valley scenery as we study traffic along the route from Koblenz to the south of Trier with footage taken from 2010 and 2012. A mixture of intercity, regional and freight trains are seen at a number of station and country locations. Class 425, 426 and new 442 EMUs are featured, together with classes G2000, 335, 110, 143, 151, 152, 181, 232 and 628 on a mixture of services.

We drop in on the mainline to Riesa east of Leipzig: classes 442, 101, 182, 139, ICE & CD372 are all seen. We then continue with a journey around the lines to the south & west of Cottbus where new & old traction still operate side by side.

We travel to Berlin with a look at various classes on the Außenring from three locations featuring type 120, 145, 155, 185, 218, 112, 442 & 481.

A look at diesel operations on the line between Buchloe and München in Bavaria. Class 218 and 223 dominate on the passenger services seen.