(HD Blu-Ray) Germany - Country Collection: Volume 11

(HD Blu-Ray) Germany - Country Collection: Volume 11

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Run-time: 1 hour and 44 mins approx.

This programme features video material previously published in European Railway: Issues 45 to 47 and Special Edition 2012. It is produced so that all Germany-related features from this portion of European Railway programmes could be brought together into one new, specific, programme.

Zittau Steam - The steam-operated narrow gauge line out of Zittau up into the Zittau Hills is featured as we follow the line up to Kurort-Oybin and Kurort-Jonsdorf. With two-cameraman filming the trains some superb footage was gathered on the steepest part of the line, including the trains in open countryside, suburban stations, in cuttings, in thick forest and around the terminus stations at the end of the line. Numbers 99-731 and 99-749 are the two locos in steam on the day we visited which also saw the use of 1938-vintage diesel railcar number: VT137-322. (This section is also featured in our German Narrow-Gauge Steam programme).

Aachen area - a look at the main line linking Aachen with Münchengladbach. Filmed in 2011 & 2012, we see class 111-operated semi-fast passenger services & class 425 electric units on local duties. We also include class 110 electrics on some of their last duties as well as a class 140 on freight.

Großkorbetha to the south of Halle. Classes 101, 143, 155, 185, 203, 232, 411 & Dispolok-MRCE 182 (1116) are just some of the classes seen on freight & passenger duties. Nearby chemical works & the fact that it is on a main freight route to Berlin & Dresden makes the freight scene very interesting. Intercity expresses ply the same route on services to Frankfurt and Munich.

The village station at Blankenheim just west of Halle, on the line to Kassel, is our chosen stopover. In this section we witness a mixture of local passenger and long-distance freight activity. Appearing are members of class 143, 155, 185, 189, 642, 482 and 701.

Bavaria - we travel to Bavaria to witness diesel operations on lines in the foothills of the alps. Situated in stunning scenery we see trains on the Oberstdorf branch with class 612 DMUs and class 218 and ex-OBB class 2143 diesels in charge. We then travel to the Füssen branch with class 642 DMUs and class 218 diesels on local passenger turns - with yet more superb mountain scenery as the backdrop. Finally we move to the line south of Buchloe, with further class 218 diesel action.