(HD Blu-Ray) Italy Cab-ride: Verona to Bolzano

(HD Blu-Ray) Italy Cab-ride: Verona to Bolzano

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Run-time: 1 hour and 35 mins approx.

In the cab of a class 1216 Taurus electric over part of the Brenner Pass route through the beautiful Italian Alps, from Verona to Bolzano.

Among the most beautiful Italian railway lines is the Brenner Pass route. In addition to being a strategic axis for onward connections with northern Europe, the line also passes through a marvellous and beautiful natural landscape.

For you we have ridden on board ‘The Bull,’ a Taurus OBB electric locomotive at the head of train EC 80 from Verona to München in Germany.

The first part of the journey, from Verona to Bolzano, winds through the valley of the Adige River, between vineyards and little trees which accompany you along the way to the South Tyrolean Capolougo. On a sunny summer day, the intense greens of nature and the clear sky create a magical setting.

The way forward starts from the first track of Verona Porta Nuova station, where we continue as far as Domegliara on the right track, due to the occupation of the normal track as a result of overhead line work.
In Rovereto we are routed on to the first track to allow the embarkation of a disabled person, as there is no access to the middle island platforms. The extra time to undertake this manoeuvre and the unloading and loading of Bicycles means that there is some smart running needed to regain time on our run north to Bolzano.

If you like superb Alpine scenery this programme is one not to be missed.