(HD Blu-Ray) Line by Line: France - Macon to Chalon-sur-Soane 2018

(HD Blu-Ray) Line by Line: France - Macon to Chalon-sur-Soane 2018

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Run-time 1 hour and 7 mins approx.

A look at locomotive and train types on the old classic Paris-Lyon-Marseille line to the north of Mâcon - filmed in 2018.

Fully opened in 1856 the classic main line between Paris - Lyon - Marseille is is still an important rail artery to this day. Although not as busy as pre-TGV times the line still sees plenty of freight and loco-hauled passenger activity. This programme looks at traffic on the route between north of Mâcon at Fleurville-Pont-de-Vaux to a point south of Chalon-sur-Saône at Varennes-le-Grand.

Filmed on two dates in 2018 material from 2013 is also included as a comparison of how little had changed in the intervening years. Passenger trains featured are a mix of modern-day TGVs as well as push-pull operated locomotive services as well as bi-mode multiple units seen on local stopping trains. Freight traffic has a wide variety of traction and train types to be seen from mixed freight, departmental, block workings, container, automotive and stone. Classic French traction is witnessed as well as a variety of private-operator classes.

Types featured include BB7200, BB22200, BB26000, BB27000, BB36000, TGVs, B81xxx, z27500, BB69400, BB67400, class 186, class 66 and G2000 on a variety of workings and liveries.