(HD Blu-Ray) Line by Line: Germany - Gemünden to Flieden (Fulda) 2023

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Run-time: 1 hour and 29 mins approx.

The line from Gemünden to Flieden and onwards to Fulda over the north Spessart Hills is a busy freight route - it being part of the north-south strategic main line. We took our cameras to the route in 2022 and 2023. The programme begins at the very busy Gemünden station area before moving up into the hills calling at Jossa, Burgsinn, Rieneck and the summit of the route at Schluctern before concluding the programme around Vollmerz.

At Gemünden we set up just south of the station yard and see a whole string of freights and diverted ICE passenger trains. Container, mixed freight, oil, scrap, engineers and automotive are seen. Moving to the station we have early evening action from 2023, where classes 185, 186, 187, 193 and 140 are seen on various workings.

Moving to Jossa and further north, more freight services are witnessed as well as diverted ICEs off the nearby high-speed line, local trains and light power moves. Where possible we include information identifying the freight trains that we see.

This programme complements our Würzburg to Gemünden title issued in 2023.