(HD Blu-Ray) Switzerland - Gotthard Route Cab-Ride (Part 2)

(HD Blu-Ray) Switzerland - Gotthard Route Cab-Ride (Part 2)

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Run-time: 1 hour and 39 mins approx

In December 2016 the Gotthard main line over the old route via Göschenen was largely by-passed with the opening of the new Base Tunnel, leaving just a handful of trains traversing the classic mainline ‘over the top’. We have been fortunate in obtaining some rare footage of a ride over the old route in the cab of preserved heritage electric locomotive type Class Ae6/6 #11411, which was filmed back in February 2015 before the old line lost much of its traffic and before the new Base Tunnel had opened.

Filmed in High-Definition this is the second of a two-part set of programmes where we ride aboard this famous locomotive taking an SBB exhibition train from the carriage sidings at Olten through to Lugano in the south of the country.

The trip is filmed in freezing and snow-covered conditions starting from Arth-Goldau along the busy route through Erstfeld, Göschenen, the Gotthard Tunnel, Airolo and down to the loops at Giornico where darkness falls. From there we have selected night-time shots of the train passing through major stations on the final leg of its journey down to Lugano, where this programme concludes.

Part one - in a separate production - documents the start of our journey from the carriage sidings at Olten along the busy main line to Othmarsingen and then on to the start of the journey south over the old Gotthard classic mainline, as the snow depth increases as the train heads towards Arth-Goldau.