(HD Blu-Ray) The French BB15000 locomotives at work - 1993 to 2019

(HD Blu-Ray) The French BB15000 locomotives at work - 1993 to 2019

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Run-time: 1 h 34 mins approx.

A look back at the popular BB15000 electric locomotives at work in northern and eastern France between 1993 and 2019. New and previously published material is brought together in one dedicated programme.

During a period spanning 27 years Lineside Video Productions has filmed numerous Class BB15000 locomotives at work which have been included in the ‘European Railway’ magazine DVD series, or our ‘Line by Line;’ programmes. In this presentation we have brought some new and older material together to bring you a comprehensive look at the fleet in action across many areas of North and Eastern France. Very few programmes exist with so many different class members at work - 57 of the 65 strong class are featured.

The class are now a dedicated passenger machine and have played an important part in SNCF’s passenger sector over the decades. Their unique French-styling and varied liveries have made them popular with photographers and enthusiasts alike. This presentation studies the class at work on a variety of workings from freight, to local passenger, regional workings, intercity, eurocity as well as push-pull and commuter services radiating out of Paris and the east of the country.

They are now in the twilight of their careers with many withdrawals having already taken place and the remaining examples due for retirement over the next few years. This is a great historical addition to any European collection.