(HD Blu-Ray) The German Class 152 locomotives in action - 2008 to 2019

(HD Blu-Ray) The German Class 152 locomotives in action - 2008 to 2019

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1 hour and 47 mins

A look at the German Class 152 locomotives at work, pulled together from the 'European Railway' and 'Line by Line' programmes between 2008 and 2019.

Over the years Lineside Video Productions has filmed numerous Class 152 locomotives at work which have been included in the ‘European Railway’ magazine DVD series. In this programme we have pulled some of this material together to bring you a comprehensive look at the fleet in action across many areas of Germany. Very few programmes exist with so many different class members at work - 96 of the 172 active locos are featured in this presentation.

The class are a dedicated freight machine and feature highly in DB Cargo’s (the main operator) current traction fleet. Now approaching twenty plus years in traffic they are still entrusted with top-link container trains as well as long mixed freights and a variety of bulk flows. We see the class at work both in industrial and rural landscapes including many on the busiest trunk routes found in the country. Although the locos lack different colour schemes we show a variety of vinyls worn by the class which have now passed into history, as well as some of the handful of examples that sport specialised liveries.

As these locos quietly go about their business they are very still very much part of the German Railway scene and this production is an excellent companion to any European DVD collection.