(HD Blu-Ray) TRAXX on Tracks: Volume 1 - Classes 145, 146.0 & 185.1

(HD Blu-Ray) TRAXX on Tracks: Volume 1 - Classes 145, 146.0 & 185.1

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Run-time: 1h 39mins approx.

This programme is the first in a mini-series looking at the TRAXX locomotive design in operation across Central Europe filmed between 2001 and 2017. Originally developed and built by Adtranz - now Bombardier - the type is now one of the leading designs at work across mainland Europe.

Lineside Video Productions has built up a sizeable collection of video material of the class at work, which we have brought together in this series looking at the many class variants in action. It details the changes made to the locomotive platform over the years, the myriad of liveries and the different countries of operation, giving a fascinating perspective of this powerful and widely acclaimed design.

Many individual locomotives are featured as the DVD runs through each class in number order. This first Volume contains over 100 scenes as it looks briefly at the background behind the class, featuring classes 101, 152 and the Adtranz145-series, before focusing on the DB mixed traffic class 145, the class 145 in private ownership, the DB passenger version - class 146.0, the first part featuring the DB freight loco - the class 185.1 from number 001 to 084 (085 to 149 & 150 to 199 will appear in future programmes) and the privately-owned 185.1s in the series 501 to 557.