(Standard DVD) American Railroad: Volume 33 - Kansas City - Part 1

(Standard DVD) American Railroad: Volume 33 - Kansas City - Part 1

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Run-time: 100 mins approx

In this programme we visit Kansas City, one of the main ‘go-to’ locations for Railroad fans across the country.
Our cameras documented trains at the popular location of Santa Fe Junction, the highly impressive Kansas City Union station, a freight train derailment on the high-Line as well as a visit to the small Yard at Quindaro in the north-west quarter of the City.
Santa Fe Junction is one of the main places to visit and a magnet for observers keen to see the huge freight trains that pass close by. BNSF and Union Pacific trains dominate with a whole host of motive power types in a variety of weather-worn liveries. Action is non-stop with manifest, unit coal, stack, grain and oil traffic dominating. We also see light power moves as well as a Kansas City Terminal RR feeder freight.

The Union Station area is also covered - a location where over 100 freight per day pass by on the adjacent tracks. Again KCT, UP, BNSF, KCS, NS and CP power is all seen, as well as a look inside the fully restored iconic station buildings.

A brief visit to the west resulted in the camera crew filming a freight train derailment - an incredible scene and something that thankfully you don’t see every day.

Quindaro Yard is our next location with a variety of motive power including SD40 variants undertaking switching operations - fascinating viewing.

Finally we conclude with another look at the busy Santa Fe junction with continuous freight train movements.