(Standard DVD) Country Collection - France: Volume 2

(Standard DVD) Country Collection - France: Volume 2

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Toulouse: We study the action on a typical weekday and see types 1100, 6500, 7200, 8500, 8600, 9200, 9300 66000, 67600, Z7300 and Y7400 on various trains in June 2002.

Valenciennes: A wide selection of locomotives and trains are seen including a spectacular seven-loco convoy!

Miiramas: One of the busiest freight and passenger centres in southern France, just outside the city of Marseille. A whole host of trains are seen from motorail trains formed of DB stock to block freight trains carrying bauxite. TGV, BB7200, 8100, 22200, CC6500 electrics; also BB66000, 67000 and 67400 diesels are all featured. Watch out too for a seven-loco convoy!

Montmedy: We visit the Lorraine mainline from Montmedy to Longuyon and the branch at Longwy in Luxembourg. A range of electrics and units appear such as BB16500, BB26000, BB15000, BB36000 and BB22200.

Bening close to the German border near Saarbrucken as we travel back to 1996 and feature now-withdrawn CC14100 & BB12000 electrics on top of plenty of modern-day traffic and locos. Classes 63000, 67400, 25100, 27000, 16500, 26000, x73500, z11500 and DB181 all feature.

La Rochelle: A look at diesel action on the line to the south of La Rochelle. See double-headed class 67400 on express passenger services as well as class x2200 units on locals.

A visit to the lines east of Tours: Commuter, intercity passenger, TGV, trunk-haul and local freights all feature.