(Standard DVD) Country Collection - France: Volume 3

(Standard DVD) Country Collection - France: Volume 3

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The country collection featuring material from our European Railway Magazine series from Spring 2004 to Winter 2005/6

Somain: A study of activity at this major marshalling yard to the west of Valenciennes: BB22200,16500, 26000, 27000, BB63000, BB12500, BB25500 all feature. The location is where wagonload freight traffic is remarshalled for onward trips to locations in this northern part of the country.

Aux-en-Provence: diesel action from the south of the country close to Marseille, BB67000 diesels feature as well as new diesel units.

East of Valeciennes: mainline action featuring BB17000, BB16500, BB26000, BB27000 on freight & passenger. Includes a number of freights hauled by BB16500 which were then being replaced on such services.

The Viaducts at Souillac are some of the most impressive structures on the mainline between Orleans and

Toulouse. We see BB8100, CC6500, BB26000 and EMUs on a variety of services. Class 6500 profile:

The superb class CC6500 electrics have now been withdrawn, we look back at workings in southern-France during late 2004, including both passenger & freight.

The new BB27000 electrics have established themselves on freight around the country: we look at the class in action.

Paris: A visit is made to two suburban main lines on the outskirts of southern Paris. We feature outer-suburban electric units working RER services & mainline locomotives on passenger and freight.