(Standard DVD) European Railway: Dampfspektakel 2010

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Dampfspektakel 2010

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A programme looking at the mainline steam action from the Dampfspektakel 2010, the 175th celebrations of German Railways - no less than SEVENTEEN steam locomotives are seen in action!

It took 40 months to plan what was the biggest mainline steam event in Europe in recent history: the 175th anniversary of German Railways celebrations between 2 and 6 April, was as good as it gets. With no less than 17 mainline steam locomotives in action, this programme brings to you the lineside sounds and visions from some of the most powerful steam locomotives in the country. The event also marked the 20th year of Plandampfs in Germany and we bring you the action as it happened with specially chartered freight and passenger trains adding to the spectacle. On the locomotives side we include ‘Bt’ (Prussian T3), 01 1066, 01 118, 01 509, 23 042, T11 7512, P8 2455, 41 018, 41 360, 50 3610, 50 2740, 42 2718, 52 6106, 52 8134, 78 468 and 58 311 all in superb mainline action. As well as branchline action between Gerolstein and Ulmen we also have mainline steam running along the Mosel Valley and along the Saar Valley to Saarburg.

The programme is split into 5 sections with Day 1 beginning at Trier with highlights being the departure of 23 042 and 01 1066, we then move to the line east of Gerolstein where we see 52 6106 tackling the grade, followed by Prussian 7551 & 58 311 ‘top & tailing’ up the steep valley, before 52 8134 follows. The Ulmen branch is covered for the rest of the day before we head west to Densborn, where 23 042 arrives from Trier, and 78 468 makes a fine sight departing north for Gerolstein. Finally we close where we see 78 468 once again pulling out of Kyllburg.

Day 2 begins with early morning departures out of Trier including 01 118 on a spectacular departure for Saarbrucken. We continue with 42 2718 seen crossing over the Mosel River, and later 41 018, 50 3610 and 01 1066 appear on the line to Saarburg. We conclude with evening shots at Kordel, and at Ehrang where P8 2455, 23 042 and 01 509 are all seen.

Day 3 again begins at Trier with 23 042 and 41 360 on northbound departures; we travel to Wittlich where we catch 41 360 & 01 509 making spirited departures away in the early morning sun. At Bullay 50 3610 & 01 509 are seen in the Mosel Valley from high up above the town. We travel up to Cochem to see 01 118 depart north, before moving west to Daufenbach for P8 2455 to head south. Our final scenes are at Karthaus, where 42 2718, 01 509 and 41 360 are seen in quick succession.

Day 4 starts at Ehrang, where 23 042 makes a loud departure north for Gerolstein whilst 41 018 & 01 509 head trains through & on up the Mosel Valley. Steam departures are captured at Gerolstein where we follow the trains up the steep grades towards Ulmen. We break off to head to the mainline north of Gerolstein to capture 01 1066 on the 1:54 grade at Schmidtheim, working really hard.

The final day is a Plandampf event & where we begin with an amazing arrival & departure of 52 8134 at Kyllburg on a frosty early morning – an amazing atmosphere where steam meets the cold air!! We move north to St.Thomas 78 468 leaves a fine smoke trail as it heads south towards Trier. Next, the line to Ulmen where we capture 50 2740 & 58 311 on chartered freight services. We also see 78 468 heading its first turn up to Ulmen before our final superb shot of 41 360 with black exhaust as it climbs up the summit at Schmidtheim.