(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 10 (Autumn 2003)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 10 (Autumn 2003)

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Runtime: 60 mins approx.

France - Bening: a busy station on the Metz to Saarbrucken route linking France and Germany. We travel back to 1996 and feature now withdrawn CC14100 and BB12000 electrics as well as plenty of modern-day freight and passenger traffic. Other locos seen are BB63000, BB67400, BB25100, BB22200, BB27000, BB16500, BB26000, x73500, z11500 and DB181. Austria - class 2143 diesel demise. We feature a number of locos on passenger duties to the south and east of Vienna.

Luxembourg - Schifflange is situated in the heart of the steelmaking area as we witness passenger and freight activity; with class 1800 diesels, 3600 cetre-cab electrics, SNCF BB16500s, Dispolok ME26 diesels as well as Class 250 and 260 1970s-built electric units.

Germany - cross-border activity at Emmerich close to the Netherlands. We feature a mixture of diesels and electrics from both countries. Dutch 1700, 1800 and 6400 are seen as well as DB classes 110, 103, 150, 333, 101, 146, and an ICE diesel unit.

France - diesel traffic south of La Rochelle with double-headed class BB67400 diesels on express services as well as class x2200 diesel units on local and regional passenger duties.

Czech Republic - a variety of action dating back to 1998 all filmed at various locations around the main rail network.

Switzerland - Erstfeld: busy traffic on the Gotthard route. Situated on the busy mountainous and scenic Gotthard Pass route our chosen location features class 460, 560, Class 420 and Class 620 locomotives in action on freight and passenger turns: also included is an Italian Pendolino trainset run in conjunction with Swiss Railways.