(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 89 - (January - February 2020)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 89 - (January - February 2020)

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SWITZERLAND - the second of a two-part feature looking at the main line south of Lugano to Chiasso (Part 1 featured in European Railway: Issue 88). Being on the Gotthard Route it is a busy passenger and freight artery in this picturesque southern alpine area. We focus on the line south of Lake Lugano, through Mendrisio to Chiasso; where we spend time looking at passenger and freight movements at a variety of locations.

GERMANY - a look at diesel and steam operations in the Harz Mountains from Wernigerode to The Brocken. Plenty of superb narrow-gauge action from this famous and popular steam railway.

THE NETHERLANDS - a look back to class 1700 operations on local services which finished back in December 2019. We chose the line between Zwolle and Utrecht to watch these and other classes in action.

FRANCE - a study of trains and traffic on the main line between Rouen and Le Havre. Featuring strongly are the endangered BB15000 electrics as well as other classes on freight and passenger workings. The impressive viaducts at Meriville and Barentin are also featured.

SWITZERLAND - we continue with our Swiss feature as we look at freight operations around Chiasso Yard with OBB, DB and FS locos.