(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 95 - (January - February 2021)

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Issue 95 - (January - February 2021)

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SWITZERLAND - the recent withdrawal of class 446 and 456 electric locomotives on the Schweizerische Südost Bahn is reflected as we take a look at the types at work on the line’s Voralpen passenger trains. Other - electric units - are also seen in action.

GERMANY - the first part of a look at traction on the Coswig to Riese section of the Dresden to Leipzig mainline. Class 112, 143, 146, 189, 193, CD 372, CD 383, 442, 411 and 425 all appear. We see intercity and local passenger trains as well as numerous freight.

ITALY - a visit is made to the north of the country around the Lombardia region where branch line workings are seen with new and not so new units and locomotives at work.

BULGARIA - the 760-mm narrow-gauge line between Septemvri to Dobrinishte is visited as we look at diesel locomotives at work on the line including scenes from on board the trains traversing the mountain river scenery.

SLOVENIA - the main line between Ljubljana to Koper is the busiest line in the country: a single-line possession on this primary freight route led to trains backing up on each other. We call in to the station at Rakek to witness the spectacle. Classes 1216, 664 and 363 as well as 312 and 310 electric units in action.

FRANCE - the strategic Paris to Dijon main line is visited as we call in at the junction town of Nuits-Sous-Ravières. Classes BB7200, BB26000, BB27000, BB60000, z27500, and B81500 appear on a variety of workings on this classic main line.