(Standard DVD) European Railway: Special Edition 2006

(Standard DVD) European Railway: Special Edition 2006

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The video programme for all those interested in continental railways. This programmes looks at a variety of railways across europe and is based closely on our popular magazine series.
Run-time approx 85 mins.


Germany: A study of main lines to the north of Mannheim. Our first location features ICE trains as well as class 111-operated local services. The other line sees a wide variety of motive power including intercity trains hauled by class 101 and 120 electrics, local services with class 110, 111 and 146s in charge, whilst on freight we see 152, 145, 185, 482 and Dispolok EU64s.

Czech Republic: We sample traffic to be found on two lines close to the busy railway centre at Plzen; one on the route to Prague and the other to the south on the main route to Ceské Budojovice. Class 363 and 242 dominate.

Poland: The Russian 1520mm freight line known as the 'Steel and Sulphur railway' links the Polish industrial region around Katowice with the Ukraine and beyond. Cameraman Ian Wilson visited the line in June 2006 where we see and hear the dedicated ST44 locos working the heavy freight trains.

Austria: The Achenseebahn has a fleet of 4 steam locomotives which use the Riggenbach rack system to climb over 440 metres in just a few kilometres. We study operations between Eben and the terminus station at Achensee amidst superb mountain scenery.

Switzerland: Evening and night scenes taken at Sisikon station, as passenger and freight services are observed over this part of the famous Gotthard pass route. Re 4/4, Re 6/6, and DB class 185 all appear.

Germany: Class 218 diesels are now very much on the decline; we sample their duties at Biessenhofen on the line from Munich to Kempten and Füssen in southern Germany. Class 628 and 612 DMUs are also seen.

France: A look at action on the route to Modane. We visit St.Jean-de-Maurienne and see various locomotives at work including the almost extinct CC6500 and the short-lived BB8700. The ever popular photographic location at St.Jean-de-la-Porte is also visited as we use summer 2006 material featuring; BB7200, BB22200, BB26000, BB36000, BB25100, TGV and diesel classes Y7500, BB67300 and an Italian E402 electric.