(Standard DVD) Italy Cab-ride: Brennero to Bolzano

(Standard DVD) Italy Cab-ride: Brennero to Bolzano

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Run-time: 1 hour and 15mins approx

Part 3 of our Cab-ride from Verona to Brennero and back.

This programme covers the section between Brennero and Bolzano.

Among the most beautiful Italian railway lines is the Brenner Pass route. We begin at Brennero station and from serene and peaceful, the Brenner station stairways come alive with law enforcement officers at the arrival of each Eurocity from the north, but especially from the south. Our train, EC89 although with some ailments, arrives on time. At the wheel, a German driver with his beautiful and enviable uniform, which makes him appear in all his competence, almost like an airplane pilot. the Taurus in Railjet Livery number 1216 017. The locomotive is set to give us a few surprises along our journey down towards Bolzano and onwards to Verona. The locomotive has an excluded traction motor, not too bad, but it will be more of a problem for the reverse journey the following day; today it is all downhill. Fortezza first, and then in Bressanone, we have trouble with the train door locks resulting in a delay of over 15 minutes, in a very busy time slot down to and beyond Bolzano. Going down the Isarco valley, the electric braking also fails due to an anomaly with the fan which cools the resistors. We try to recover a few minutes, but the SCMT reminds us of the speed limits and leaves no escape.
However, the time schedule leaves us hopeful of recovering almost everything by the time the train reaches Verona - but that is something we shall have to wait for in the next programme in this series, as we continue our journey south from Bolzano.