(Standard DVD) Modern Traction Archive: Vol 12 'Pulling Power'

(Standard DVD) Modern Traction Archive: Vol 12 'Pulling Power'

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This programme recreates the atmosphere that was experienced by rail enthusiasts travelling in the first coach on passenger trains hauled by a variety of different locomotives. Filmed in 1984 and 1985 and now digitally remastered to give the best available sound and vision quality, included are a whole host of awesome soundtracks and rare video footage of locomotives & lineside structures long since confined to the history books. The programme consists of:

37024 departs Taunton under semaphore signals whilst heading a York to Penzance relief service on 27th July 1985.

20149 and 20102 depart Methil Power station on 11th May 1985 along the branch through Cameron Bridge and on to the main line at Thornton Junction.

40044 tackles the grades as it powers towards Buxton on 1st December 1984.

50044 heads up the steep bank from Exeter St.Davids to Central under semaphores on 6th June 1984.

25089 and 25245 leave Bescot Yard, Birmingham on 1st December 1984.

27054 & 206 tackle the grades out of Oban whilst heading ‘The Skirl of the Pipes 6’ railtour on 11th May 1985.

37267 is one of a pair leaving Exeter and Worcester on 9th February 1985.

Double-headed class 31s leave the Colnbrook branch and Oxford.

56044 heads up the Lickey out of Bromsgrove; 56068 near Nottingham and departing Doncaster. 45044 departs Paignton on 27th July 1985 heading for Liverpool.