(Standard DVD) Modern Traction Archive: Volume 25 (Bletchley Re-Visited 1987)

(Standard DVD) Modern Traction Archive: Volume 25 (Bletchley Re-Visited 1987)

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Run-time 1 hour and 37 mins approx.

This programme is full of non-stop action as express trains fly through the station at 100mph, local trains stop on services on the slow lines, and freight and engineers trains trundle through with all manner of traction. The period of our filming was the transition time between the British Rail Corporate blue and yellow, with blue/grey coaching stock being replaced by the new intercity and Network Southeast colours - a very colourful time.

Our cover photos are actual screen shots taken from the programme and they demonstrate the variety of motive power to be seen, with everything from Class 87s to Class 31s and diesel multiple units. Highlights for many will be the sight and sound of BR-blue liveried class 81s and 85s on both passenger and freight workings. Class 87s and 86s are also seen in blue liveries, with class 31s and class 47s making regular appearances throughout the programme.

Nearly all workings seen are now regarded as historic, either with the motive power that they feature or the type of wagons and rolling stock that were then used: take for instance the class 86 that stops next to the camera on the Euston to Glasgow mail train, together with blue-grey liveried TPO stock!

As well as Intercity expresses racing through, some are slowed by signal checks and others cross from the fast to the slow lines as they ease through the platforms. Freight and other traffic seen includes, freightliner, cement, parcels, ballast, empty coaching stock, automotive and continental freight wagons. We also picture the local Class 310 electric units going about their business and even include a West Midlands PTE-liveried class 312 unit - a very rare visitor to the area.

Class 47 120 in large-logo livery is also witnessed, together with other examples on freightliner and Pedigree Petfood trains.

This DVD provides another superb helping of the sights and sounds of the WCML in the locomotive dominated mid-1980s.